Myth #1 : Fashion is expensive

Fashion Myth # 1:  “Fashion is expensive”. 

Not anymore. Yes, there are high-end and haute-couture brands that cost a ton of money, but there are also a lot of very trendy brands that most of us can afford. With globalization and availability of internet shopping, our options have extended drastically. We have much more choices for a very broad price range. Sometimes I can get very nice and super trendy items for less than 10 dollars!

Another point here is that to look fashionable and stylish you don’t need to have 100% of your clothes from the latest trends. All you need is around 20-30% of your wardrobe filled with trendy, modern clothes and accessories. Everything else should be classic and basic. I will explain more about this in my “Fashion Myth #4” post. Therefore you don’t need to buy all items from the trend to achieve a cool look. If your wardrobe is rational and well planned, three (3!) new items a season will do wonders.

Besides, trends are not changing every 2-3 months and usually you will be able to wear the same thing for at least few seasons before it will be out. Sometimes trends are so successful that they become new classics. That is what happened with skinnies and oxfords.

Bottom line – you can be fashionable without investing thousands of dollars into your wardrobe.

Just be smart, prepare and plan before you go to the shopping mall. Avoid expulsive shopping. It may feel less fun, but when you open your closet you will have complete outfits that will make you shine in any occasion instead of just a bunch of clothes on the hangers.

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