Myth # 5- Fashionable clothes are uncomfortable

Today I bring you Fashion Myth number 5: “Fashion is uncomfortable”.

This statement doesn’t hold water anymore. May be in the past, when extreme mini or high heels ruled the world of fashion, this was true. However, today demand for comfort brought to us many trends that are as much comfortable as stylish. You actually can wear your PJs during the day if you wish (I wrote about this in one of my Facebook posts). So, besides sleepwear , other trends that are comfortable are , for example, denim and sport chic. Let’s have a short review of each one.


Had been extremely fashionable for many seasons now. You can actually choose how much of cool blue you want to wear: today you are allowed to have a total denim look from head to toe! Nobody will argue that this is comfortable, practical and affordable too. Check out 3 most fashionable denim items for spring and summer 2016 on my Facebook page.

Sport chic

Is very diverse and everyone can find something to wear within it. Again, it is your decision how much of “sport” to bring in. Most of the items are not new for this season, they came a few seasons ago and they are here to stay thanks to their comfort and versatility. The most popular and in-style sport items are: a sweatshirt, sweatpants and, last but very not least, sneakers. You can combine sport shoes with everything, including evening dresses! Just a small styling tip – combine sporty items with more classic/ elegant ones to achieve more polished look and avoid “I am on my way to the gym” kind of impression. This trend also helps you look more dynamic, energetic and, as a result, younger. Again, I will share some ideas and inspirations later, so stay tuned.

No more excuses to look outdated! Comfort and fashion now go together hand by hand!

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