Myth # 6 – You don’t need fashion if you …..

And the last but not least Fashion Myth is “You don’t need fashion if you…”.

Feel free to add here “live in …”, “are a housewife” or anything else.

Quick answer for this one : I completely disagree with this statement!

Here is why.

Besides its primary purpose to cover our bodies, clothes have a critical but less obvious task: to “tell stories” about us. What story do you want to tell? That you are dull, shabby and outdated? I am sure you are not. Clothes can help you create the impression you want, and fashion is just another tool for it. Besides, it is a fun play! You can look feminine and very fragile today, business and smart tomorrow, relax on Sunday and creative when you want to win this very shiny tender. It is a way for you to stand out from the crowd, send a message and get attention.
Here are only a few reasons why you should dress – for more details read this
  1. You will make good impression
  2. You will feel confident
  3. You will be getting compliments and that feels awesome
  4. You never know who you will run into
  5. It is a way to express yourself
  6. It will help you stand out

It is fun!

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