Rational wardrobe for travel

The summer vacation season is approaching and with airlines charging fortunes for the excess luggage (or even for any of your suitcases), I thought it would be very useful to talk about rational wardrobe for travel.
I am going to provide some tips how to travel light without compromising your look. The ultimate answer for travel light is a capsule wardrobe created for the purpose of your travel.
Here are some rules how to create an effective capsule:
1. Start with defying purpose of your capsule. What kind of travel are you planning? Is it a beach vacation, business trip, visit to a big city or mountain hike? Depending on the purpose, you will choose what kind of clothes you need in your capsule.
2. Begin a process with bottoms: pack 2-3 bottoms that support the purpose of your capsule. For travel, choose a pair of jeans or cargo inspired pants in dark color. Remaining 1-2 bottoms will depend on type of activities you are planning to do.
3. Next, pick tops that will match with ALL bottoms you have chosen. Remember to have light, short/ long sleeve, and warm options according to the weather conditions of the place. The rule of thumb: take 5 items in total. Important: they all need to be different in colors, styles and textures; otherwise all your outfits will look the same to the other people even if you change them every day.
4. Last, pick a jacket or coat to fit with the outfits you’ve selected. Make sure it will provide rain protection and still look stylish for an evening promenade or a brisk morning walk by the ocean.
5. Exception – cruise. When you stay for a long period of time with same people that go to the same places, you will need more tops to create a feeling of much bigger wardrobe. I suggest having 8 tops in this case.
5. Do you need some more “fancy” outfit in a case of a visit to the fashionable restaurant or modern show? Add it on the top, but plan carefully how much of evening outfits do you really need. Hint: how many times do you plan to go to the same place/ meet same people? Mostly, 1 dress + different jewelry will do the job.
6. Pack footwear. Remember your purpose from point #1, pick up to 3 pairs of shoes/boots; one pair should be comfortable, these will be your day walking shoes. One pair of classic pumps or pointy flats in black on neutral color, these will cover those fancy museum visits during the day or any night out time. Last one could be some suede booties or wedges.
7. Now it is time for the bags. Remember your purpose from point #1; pick one travel bag that will fit all your travel documents, eBook and other small things necessary during the flight. Bring one day time purse, preferably cross body with secure zipper and an outside pocket for the water bottle. During the day you will be exploring the new place and need a comfortable bag that will safely store your belongings. Bring small fancy clutch in a case if you are planning some “fancy” night dates.
8. Don’t forget scarfs and some jewelry (if relevant to your purpose) that can refresh same outfit and make it look different without taking too much space in your suitcase.
9. Repeat this process if your trip is longer than 2 weeks or has multiple activities combined where one capsule will not do. But then, go for smaller capsules with 5-6 items total and try to make them partially interchangeable (when 1 items belongs to more than 1 capsule).
Check out capsule ideas on my Facebook page . If you are going to the trip soon, comment below about your purpose and will create an example for you in my next post. Stay tuned!

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