Two ways to express yourself in an outfit

Today I would like to talk about the style of your outfit. Or, in another word, language your outfit speaks.

For example, you can speak classic, sport, romantic or ethnic. Those are 4 main style types, however, they have a plenty of sub-types in each of them.
Within every style, you also can go with evening, casual or business mood. Means, this give you a lot of freedom to express yourself and “talk” in every outfit.

I will give much more details about this topic in my upcoming” Style ABC” marathon that is scheduled to start in February 2017. If your New Year resolution has “to become a more stylish person”, don’t miss it out!

For now, let’s talk how you can achieve different looks and moods. There are 2 ways.

1. You chose a dress/ top+ bottom that already “loud”.

They have a print, shape or fabric that belong to a particular style and already have “a mood” in them.

In this case, everything else (accessories) should be neutral or belong to the same style in order not to overload an outfit. One of the common style mistakes is the mismatch between a central piece and accessories in the outfit.

All of us tempt to go with this approach because those pieces catch our attention in a store. We say “o, such an attractive dress!” about dresses that have a character.
You need to understand, though, that these items are more complicated to combine, you will get tired of them faster and they less versatile.
The advantage of this method is that you buy a ready-to-wear style and don’t need to invest in it a tonne of money since you will use it occasionally.

Here are some examples for “speaking dresses”.


2. You chose very neutral dress/ top+ bottom and create a style with accessories.

In this approach, you can wear the same dress in dozen different ways, so versatility is a key here. Every time you have new accessories, it feels like a new outfit. So you can wear your favourite dress repeatedly, and nobody will notice.

If you a fan of this approach, try buying pieces that are the best quality you can afford and fit you really well. This item will in most cases considered as basic and will be easy to combine.
The downside of this approach? You need to be good in accessorizing your outfits to make it look good. Without accessories, the outfit will be dull and flavourless. Many people struggle or don’t like to use accessories.

Let me show you in a few examples below how different accessories can change a look of the same dress easily.

diffrent-ocasions screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-11-03-24-pm

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