How to shop smart during sales?

How to shop smart during sales

Sales season is officially here. Let’s talk about some smart shopping strategies that will save you money and give you a maximum back for your buck without taking away a fun of shopping.

1. Have a wish list - plan what do you really need.
a. To have something you wanted a long time
b. To have something that your wardrobe will benefit from and you are missing.

For example, trendy accessories, good basic sweater, new coat. Or maybe something fashionable to refresh and revive. To came up with ideas, try to remember what you are missing when you get dressed, what items are unused because you don’t have anything to pair them with.

Regardless if it is A or B, you need some thinking before it makes into your wish list. Think about qualities and features (natural materials, colour, price range to name a few). Then, think how this piece will work with existing wardrobe, try to image at least 3-4 outfits with it.

This simple action will guarantee that once you have your “dream” item, you don’t need to buy a tonne of new clothes to wear it with. Only if you have it thought thru, add it to your wish list.

2. If you have time, check regular prices at stores you will be visiting during a sale. This will give you an idea of the size of the deal because not always discounts stated on the price tags are real. Remember also, that for stores this is a great opportunity to get rid of all “old” stuff by giving up to 80% discounts. Many psychological marketing strategies are used to sell you what nobody needs, so stay calm, awake and close to your list.

3. Consider visiting stores that you couldn’t afford before sale. It is better to buy one better quality/ brand piece than ten cheap items from your usual store where you buy regularly.

4. Don’t buy only because it is cheap. If you didn’t find anything that fits you and is in your planned shopping list, don’t buy clothes just “because”. Go and get you a new mascara or lipstick to “feel good anyway”. If you still fell like “buying something” since you already at the mall, buy a new purse. There is much more possibility that you will use it.

5. Go to the store in the morning. There are fewer people, display in the stores are less messy, shorter lines to the fitting room. And, finally, no “social pressure” to buy when you see people fighting for discounted pieces.

6. Take cash instead of credit card, especially if you have a limited budget. This will keep you away from overspending.

7. Try things on in the store, don’t think “I will return if it doesn’t fit” because there is a 47% possibility that this dress will hang in your closet forever.

8. Do your returns. Don’t be lazy, listen for yourself. If your inner voice says that you don’t need it/ won’t wear it, listen to this “person”.

According to many stylists, the best things to buy during sales are: purses, shoes, underwear and outwear. Also consider restocking on your basics: jeans, jackets (if you wear them) , office pants.


Happy shopping!

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