How to make your valentine outfit look romantic even if dresses and heels are not your “thing”

When I ask my clients what they want to achieve from working with me, many of them say that they want to look more feminine, more attractive when they date somebody and want to get attention from potential partners. But not that type of attention that you get in super short leopard skirt or cleavage that goes down to your belly button. The proper attention brings you positive emotions, new and quality relationships and a lot of self-confidence while not feeling embarrassed or hurt.

A very simple way to look feminine is to wear dresses, skirts and heels. These things don't exist in most men's wardrobe and are considered feminine. But to know this you don’t need me here.

Do you have a date on Valentine's Day and want to look feminine and romantic, but heels and dress are not an option? No worries, there are few other ways to do so!

Lets' talk about not so obvious things that will make you look feminine even if you wear pants and flats.

  1. Add colour that associates with sexuality and femininity. Colours have an enormous influence, and it is proven that some of them make us feel cosy and comfortable, some are identified as alerts and others are considered soft and gentle. Use them to your benefits! How about bright or baby pink? Yes, I know it is an extreme example, but you get the idea.  For the last few seasons, pastels are very in, and I encourage you to use them at least from time to time. Another great option is colours of precious stones and food - ruby, emerald, sapphire and chocolate. Red is always considered the sexiest. If you don't want to wear too much colour, at least use it as an accent in your accessories to soften your look.
  2. Wear feminine prints: polka dots and floral print will create a "girly" feel even if you are wearing a sweatshirt. To make your look more gentle, prints go the extra mile, however, make sure you choose the right one! Geometric prints (except polka dots) always look much more masculine than abstracts and flower prints (very in fashion now). So, go ahead, and wear pants to your date, but let them have flowers!
  3. Wear feminine fabrics: same idea as in the previous point: lace, silk, cashmere will create soft, light and gentle impressions for any item. Avoid wearing leather- this will create a "hard" Look. The same piece can look totally different when done from various fabrics.
  4. Add feminine details: small clutch, shoulder-long earrings, a messy updo or soft curls. Wear red lipstick. If you don't mind, let your gorgeous bralette pop out over your shoulder. Those small details can transform your look entirely, and make it very mysterious and attractive.
  5. Go for clothes that have feminine details: bows, ruffles, shoulder cuts, embroidery. This is the fastest way to add feminine touch even if you are wearing jeans. Another idea is a cut that exposes some bare skin. Open shoulder, open back, exposed wrists. Those bits are incredibly powerful but yet appropriate for a date.
Bottom line

There are many options to show your feminine side, it doesn't have to be a skirt and sky-high heels!

I have prepared and found some examples for your inspiration. Let me know what do you think! Tell me what are you planning to wear or ask questions in comments.


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