How to add spice to your classic wardrobe?

Classic clothes are timeless, easy to mix and match and elegant. They convey status and authority. Making mistakes with a classic look is tough. However, sometimes traditional outfits look way too formal and strict. The total classic look can also add you 5-10 years! Today's trends are all about mixing different styles together.

Today I wanted to show you how to easily spice up your classic looks and make them more casual, soft and trendy. All my suggestions will get your look youthful without looking silly and feel comfortable and modern.

Let's start with a mix of classic and casual. Exchange your blouse for t-shirt and pumps for flats, and you get much more relaxed, casual look that gives you just right amount of "business" and elegance.

Now, let's go a little bit further and mix very classic skirt suit with sport pieces.  Let's swap heels for Converse or sneakers, put on a bomber instead of jacket and take another purse. Now you are ready for nice city walk with friends.

Ok, how about more dramatic looks? Easy. Replace your trench coat with a leather moto jacket, add booties and exchange your purse for something less formal. You are ready to rock!

What do you say? What style do you prefer? Share with us in the comments below.

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