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Today I will share with you some tips on how to build a wardrobe capsule and show you an example that will work if you travel to a European or North American city.

Reminder: A capsule is a limited and coordinated set of clothes and accessories (up to 12-15 total) that allows you to create multiple (almost unlimited) combinations inside this set. A

The advantage is travelling light with a carry-on and looking fabulous in any situation.

So, start building your capsule by defining the type of activities you will be doing. In our example, it is a city vacation to a European city. We will do a little bit of everything: museums, a lot of walking, sight seeing, fast and fine dining, and shopping. So, we will need comfy, casual outfits that will be easy to dress up.

Second, consider weather conditions. In Europe, it might be quite hot or chilly. The weather there is not stable.  So, we will need some rain protection, layers, and a sweater for cold days. For our example, it will work for +15 to +10 degrees Celsius of mild European fall. For Italy, Spain and Southern France, you will need lighter pieces.

Third, always start with bottoms and keep the bottoms tops ratio 1: 3 (one bottom for three tops). Make sure all your tops go with all of the bottoms.

Add a dress if you have plans to visit the theather or super fancy restaurants and clubs.

Look how versatile and different every combination in this capsule looks.  Who would guess that you have only 11 pieces there?

city travel capsule

Now, let's talk how to look good on a flight. Comfort is extremely important , especially for a long trans-continental flights, but I encourage you not to wear pyjamas or sweatpants!

There are fashionable travel clothes that will not only help you look stylish but are also comfortable to wear.

  1. Choose cozy, soft , wrinkle-resistant fabrics (blends will work better than natural fibers). Choosing materials with some stretch to them further adds to your comfort level.
  2. You don’t want to deal with tight, constricting pants when you’re in a small cabin for a few hours.  Go for a loose fit, especially for pants. However, be careful not to choose too slouchy clothes.
  3. Go with patterns or darker colours as they are just more practical (and in case you spill your coffee, it will be less visible). But here, I would also suggest adding some splash of colour (bright scarf?) to make it more interesting. Colorful sneakers will work too.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes, your legs will most likely swell from extended seating and a lack of movement. Sneakers are a great option, but go for "city" options that look more dressy and less like trainers. Flats are another option if you are traveling in warm weather. Remember that you might be asked to remove your shoes during a security check, so choose something that will be easy to take off and put on.

Interested in building a capsule? Not sure how to do it? Register to my mini-course!

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How to save time, money and closet space with a capsule wardrobe 

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