5 reasons you have nothing to wear when your closet is full

Do you have a closet full of clothes, but have nothing to wear?  Do you stress so much every morning about coming up with an original outfit until you ending up choosing the same, tired ensembles all week long?  A full closet seems like a great problem to have - until it isn’t.

Here are some of the most common reasons for this “so many clothes and so little to wear” problem,  and also some ideas how to overcome them.

Issue #1:

Your wardrobe doesn’t have a base.  Instead of having a closet full of pieces that will go with everything, it is filled with bold, highly decorative pieces, with prints and accents that don’t coordinate with many other items.  Here’s what happens: when you’re shopping, perhaps in hopes of jazzing up your wardrobe - and maybe even your life - you pay more attention to clothes that have interesting designs or details, something with a twist.  And sadly, you leave behind the simple, purposeful clothes. Lack of basic clothes creates a serious challenge when building wearable outfits, because clothes with "character" are much more complicated to coordinate.

If that is your problem, start building you base. You can read more about basic wardrobe and why you need it here.  

Issue #2:  

You are forever buying your clothes spontaneously, perhaps emotionally. Take for instance that blouse you bought the last time you were at the boutique.  It caught your eye, you grabbed it and promptly brought it home, without ever thinking about how you could wear it. We are ALL guilty of this! While I don’t suggest you go shopping with the idea of a “grocery list” (though it IS a good idea!), while you’re out, and especially when you’re in the fitting room, try to think of at least three outfits with which you can pair this new blouse (skirt, pant, etc.)  If you come up with fewer than three ideas, do yourself a favor and leave the precious item in the store. Of course, this method is not applicable to shopping for the special occasion outfit, but rather for your day-to-day wardrobe.

Follow this "3 outfit rule"  and you will not only save a lot of money, but the versatility and variety of outfits in your closet will grow dramatically, in no time at all.

Issue #3:

The clothes you have no longer fit your life or your lifestyle.  Perhaps you once worked in the office, but now you are stay-at-home entrepreneur.  Yet when you look at your closet it is still full of office shirts, suits, gray jackets.  And, you have nothing more than jeans and t-shirt for those more creative and casual days. Fast fix: analyze your lifestyle and the amount of time you spend in each aspect of it.  Decide how much clothing and what type of it you need for every activity. Keep this in mind while shopping by always asking yourself questions like: Do I have an event to wear this pretty sequin skirt?  Will this pair of leather pants serve me for more than one use? Is the fancy blouse a practical addition to my wardrobe?

Issue #4:  

Your wardrobe is monotonous. Every time you shop, you are drawn to the same type of clothes in your favorite stores.  Clones of T-shirts, jeans and grey sweaters pack your closet. The thing is, you might even not realize it until you tackle the task of pulling out everything in your closet all at once to see the size of the disaster.  Fast fix: next time you go shopping, find a store that you’ve never been to, or one you haven’t visited in a while. Browse the racks and shelves, but stop yourself from taking another pair of black pants (you know you’ve done this - we ALL have!),  and check out something that you've never considered: a different colour, a skirt instead of pants, crazy shoes. Who knows? Maybe this new treasure will be your next favorite?

Issue #5:

You do not feel comfortable in many the things that fill your wardrobe.  Perhaps you don’t even realize because you've never actually taken the time to think about it.  Whether the colour is not right, whether the style is not you, whether it is too old or too childish.  Maybe it is too small or too big, or just doesn't fit you in the right way, maybe it never did.

Give yourself the chance to analyze the "whys" behind the pieces that are no longer working for you.  Once you are armed with that information, the next time you shop you will be able to avoid buying those things, save yourself some money and get some items that really work for you!


And, for whatever reason the items in your closet are screaming at you (yet you still won’t choose them for an outfit), make sure you remove them so they can go on to live happier lives with others.  Unused clothes are sad - and distracting to you. They make you feel guilty and frustrated because they no longer serve you. Free them and free yourself (and your closet, too!).  Give them away, sell them or bring them to be recycled at your favorite stores that offer such programs.  Rethink your closet and what’s in it so you can bring back the joy to getting dressed.

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