Whatever your age or lifestyle, let your appearance empower and support you!

Think back to a time when you felt beautiful and attractive.  

What were you wearing? How did it make you feel?

  • unstoppable?
  • magical?
  • powerful?
  • dazzling?
  • elegant?

What about that feeling that makes you want to have it again?  

Beauty, of course, is “in the eyes of the beholder,” as they say.  One person’s characteristics, such as eye color and body type, may appeal some, but not to everyone.  Inner beauty, however, is subjectivity in the purest form, and is quite possibly, the truest beauty there is.  Embodying an inner grace and feeling can only enhance your outward allure. The more beautiful you feel, the the more beauty you emanate.  Then, when you’re looking and feeling good, the whole world starts opening up for you! You start receiving more compliments and your confidence starts soaring!   It’s one of the most positive cycles in the universe.

Your clothing, as part of your outward appearance can only help you create that inner glow because what you put forth into the world is radiated back to you.  People tend to make assumptions about what they see - it’s human nature. So, when they see a person who has taken time with her appearance, they automatically believe in her beauty and confidence.  Yet, the feelings and beliefs can work unfavorably, too. Outwardly, if a person does not present well, she may be creating unnecessary challenges in her life by emitting more negative feelings. As always, though, YOU get to decide who you want to be and how!  Let your wardrobe help you by working for you - and not against you.

Sometimes when you are going through many changes in life (body, mind, spirit), there can be a lot of resistance to adding other unnecessary changes, right?  Sometimes these habits, including your wardrobe, remain stagnant - for so many reasons. Perhaps clothing gives you a thought of comfort or stability, or you cling to the old identity in them for fear of letting go.  Your once “in” clothing might now be dated. Those comfortable “go-to” outfits no longer have the boogie to light you up. If that’s the case, perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your wardrobe and outfit choices so they can better serve you through your transformation.   So, take the time to make some changes to your wardrobe - even simple ones - so that you can can cultivate your inner beauty and emit that radiance you know you want to!

Here are a few suggestions as to how to liven your wardrobe - a breath of fresh air, so to speak -  so you can begin to feel differently:

  • check the fit
  • add colour
  • update your outfit altogether

Fit is very important, especially if your body has changed.  

Whether you’re shopping in your closet or at a store, keep in mind to:

  • Choose items carefully.  Don't select clothes that are too tight or small, but also avoid shapeless outfits. They look bad and hide all your assets more than disguise your flaws.
  • Shop the specific clothing lines and departments.  For example, choose petites if you have small frame.
  • Make sure that shoulders and sleeves fit properly.  Pay attention to the length of your tops, as a few inches can make a huge difference.  Commit to alterations if required to achieve a polished look.

Colour = energy.  

It is proven to impact us when we’re wearing it, so of course it will impact the people around us!   Listen to your inner voice and go for colours that "feel" like yours. Fashion today is very colourful.

Here is a the most trendy colours for upcoming spring-summer 2018 and some ideas on cool combinations

Photos of colour pallets are taken from https://sarahrenaeclark.com/25-color-palettes-pantone-spring-2018/  

Update your outfit so you  dress for your age and look current.

It is not for the sake of fashion or trends, but to assure that you are keeping with your age.  Oftentimes, outdated outfits can make you look older than you are. And nobody wants that - not even people who embrace aging!

  • To add spice, add a trendy piece  to otherwise age-appropriate outfit to see what a difference it can make.  
  • Take the leap and shop in youth stores for something current and trendy that you can wear.  You know, places where you usually avoid entering. They typically have the more trendy fits and prints. Why not  wear select a top from H&M, Zara or other trendsetters? Mix and match your regular clothes with some cool piece from those stores to get modern look.  You’ll love how you’ll look, and even better, you’ll love how you feel.

Here are some ageless and trendy options from the current Zara collection:

zara ageless

So, remember the positive cycle: the better you look, the better you feel, and the better you feel, the more positivity you give off to the world.  Use your clothing - and work from the outside in!

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