Age and Style are Perfect Together When Perfectly Paired

Let’s talk about women of a certain age.  

What age? Well, that depends on how you feel.  Though all women are different, it is certain that each of us has experienced so much in our lives: happiness, grief, accomplishments and struggles.  It seems, though, that once we reach a certain year, perhaps when we are looking to simplify at least one aspect of our lives, that we tend to reach for comfort, rather than style.

Often when I suggest particular styles for clients who have spent the majority of their lives making the effort to look good, they ask me hesitantly, “Is that really appropriate for me?  I mean, I’m 40.”

“You’re 40!  Good heavens!” I say to them with a smile.  “You are only halfway through your life. Are you sure you want to spend the rest of it looking so matronly?”

Of course, it is important to dress the part if you happen to be the owner of a bank, or need to speak in front of a board of directors.  But, is that a reason to look dowdy when you’re off to the park or going to a movie with friends? No! What you do need, though, is clothing that is comfortable and also looks nice. Luckily, modern fashion is all about comfort. 

And fortunately, you have the last word on what you think is beautiful.  So, armed with that confidence, why not try something new in your wardrobe that you’ve never tried before?  After all, you are the one who gets to decide - and maybe, just maybe, you’ll like it!

There seem to be a lot of “rules” that we women think we need to follow as to what is appropriate to wear, when and at what age.  Those rules, though, only exist in our heads. They are derived from our family upbringing, societal norms (sometimes very outdated) and some of our personal expectations.  Who says you can only wear jeans in your 20s, or that you can't wear costume jewelry anymore, or that running shoes are only for the gym?

Absolute nonsense! Wear what YOU like. To feel confident, make sure that your clothes are suitable for the experience, fit you well and flatter your personality.  When you consider the occasion, think about place, time of the day and status of the event. A wardrobe choice for a garden party is much different than the previous example of the board of directors monthly meeting.

What is your style?
What is your style?

Wearing what you like is a good start.

 Now you have to take into account how the clothing fits, choosing the right size and shape of your clothes while realizing your figure’s features.  With those factors in mind, then you can seek clothing that shows off your personality and your style. This is more of the overall impression that you are making, your charisma, social skills and communication style.  For example, you might be a plus size, but you are very energetic, easy going, loud and love a good laugh. In this case, you can easily manage extravagant, modern, and I would say, brazen outfits. On you they will look very authentic, you will feel very comfortable and and people will notice!

So why, after reaching a certain age, do we begin to wear classics which make us seem even more serious and boring?  Why do we choose prints on blouses typically associated with grandmothers, and start refuse the juicy and bright colours? What clicks in our heads, turning us into older women?  After all, we still have to live, love and play! We need to let ourselves be, feel and look like a young, modern women. We are worthy of it So, to keep that youthful feeling, start with the hangers in your closet.

Clothing is an excellent method of communication. With the help of apparel, you can attract attention in a crowd, as you stand out and broadcast a certain message.

We need to remember that life is for living, don’t you think?

1 thought on “Age and Style are Perfect Together When Perfectly Paired”

  1. Great advice. I Try hard to dress currently. However, I feel as I age and am menopausal, we get belly, Not knowing how to wear shorts to avoid the muffin top.
    I have cellulite so don’t want to wear mini dresses. I don’t like a heel over 2”. It is nice to have recommendations how to dress currently, like getting away from the skinny jeans, what to wear with higher top pants without wearing a crop top. I find the higher waisted jeans, just push all my tummy fat over the top of my jeans when I sit down.
    What Shoes do you wear in warmer weather with ankle length wider pants.
    I find when I buy something outside my usual, I need a whole outfit, not just buy pants, and not have a top or shoes to wear with it.

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