You Hate to Shop


So, You Hate to Shop...

Have I ever mentioned that I love my job at Style U Best?  I do. I get to work with busy, professional women to help them feel more empowered, confident and worthy, mostly by assisting them with their wardrobes.  The objective is to find a look for each woman that is creative, polished and comfortable - one that will project the right image without cramping her style or her body!  It is important to understand the goals of the wardrobe so it can be matched to all aspects of the style; likewise matching the message to the appearance. And of course, the intention is always for women to feel good.  

Naturally, those ideals are easier to realize when there is a stylist involved.  Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of a stylist to consult. Couple that with a complaint I hear often from many women that you “hate to shop” and the task of creating a wardrobe that works for you becomes even more daunting!  Let me see if I can help. Let’s break this down.

When women tell me that they hate to shop (hard for me to believe as it’s one of my favorite activities!!), I first ask them,


Their responses are some such as, “Nothing looks good on me,” “There are no choices for my body type/age,” or “I don’t like the styles offered.”

I hear these women and I hear you, too, if you say the same.  So I will ask you, Do you always look for the same types of clothes?  Do you always shop in the same stores?

As it is often said, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.  I’m not suggesting that you’ll literally go crazy by shopping in the same stores for the same clothing, but you get the idea! How can you make your shopping outings more efficient, and maybe even fun?  Read on.

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Preparation is the name of the game.

First, do a little research.  Yes, of course you can shop online until your heart’s content, but without knowing some key information, you would be wasting your time like you would in the stores, except you wouldn’t have to leave your couch.  

Research your body type.  There is plenty of information online about women’s body types and the clothing and styles that will accentuate those types.  Read through those articles and blogs and learn as much as you can about what will look best on you. Then, check out those styles on sites like Pinterest to give you a better idea of what those pieces look like.  The more you see, the better idea you will have. Also, find a celebrities whose body type is similar to yours and see what they’re wearing. You know that they have stylists whose job it is to make them look good!  

While doing this research, pay attention to the combinations of separates that are worn.  Notice how the tops go with the bottoms and the shoes are appropriate with the outfits. 

It is important to assess the entire look, rather than just the main piece.

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Don't cut corners when you shop

Then, when you actually find yourself in a store, make sure you have brought along shoes that you will potentially wear with the clothing you’ll be purchasing - another part of preparation.

So finally you’ve ventured out into the shops and have actually found some items that you’d like to try on.  Good work! And, you’re armed with suitable shoes and perhaps even some accessories suggested by the salesclerk.  

Do yourself a favor: take the time to really assess the outfit and how it looks on you when you find yourself staring into the mirror.  Many women, I know, put on the clothes in the fitting room, give themselves a glance and make a split-second decision (usually negative) and find themselves hopping out of the outfit quicker than it took to put it on!  

You need time to judge the clothing. Do they fit well? Are they comfortable? Do they accentuate your body type? Do they enhance how you feel about yourself? Take the time. Clothing decisions should be thoughtful.

Few more things

Another complaint I hear from women is about the issue with expectation versus reality.  “I have an idea in my mind of what I want, but I can’t find it when I go shopping.” Again, prepare ahead of time.  If you know where you will likely be shopping, check out those stores’ online offerings so you have an idea as to what’s available.  Make sure you are clearer on what types of clothes you may want and compare those thoughts to what is offered. There will be less likelihood of disappointment.  For example, if you know your style is boho or gypsy chic, it will be a good idea to take a look at what stores like Free People have to offer to see if they have what you’re looking for.  Mindset. That will help you narrow your focus.

Once you have this style idea in mind, take a little field trip to the expensive stores.  No, I’m not suggesting you spend your entire budget on one item, but those shops do offer clothing with better fits and fabrics, so you will be able to better figure out what is best for your, well, figure!  Process of elimination. Once you’re there, you can decide where to shop for similar styles or decide to wait and save for that beautiful dress that you found. Either way, you’ll be making a prudent decision.

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Don't skimp on yourself

Finally, another refrain I hear from women with regard to shopping is that they don’t like to spend money on themselves.  They say that the kids need new shoes or tennis lessons or (fill in the blank), or they say they need to achieve a certain weight before purchasing new clothing.  Remember, just like the directive on the airline that says you need to put on your oxygen mask first in the event of an emergency, you need to take care of yourself first so you are better able to take care of others.  Though style shopping isn’t a “need” per se, looking good will help you feel good and when you feel good, you can be a better version of you.


So, take that time for yourself.  Prepare and look your best!

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