Curses and blessings of animal prints

Animal prints have always gathered a lot of attention. They tend to display freedom, courage and adventure. And these seem to be the main reasons why animal prints have been so trendy for last several years.

While when you think about animal prints you tend to immediately picture a party wear or a coat, this season you can find these patterns all over the place. From skirts to coats, accessories, watches, lingerie, handbags, and even in home furnishing textiles.

As if this wasn't enough, you have all kinds of animal print patterns - leopard, tiger, giraffe, zebra, among others.


The Curses Of Animal Prints

Animal prints tend to be directly linked with vulgarity and bad reputation. In addition, when you are someone who doesn't like to drag attention, animal prints aren't really for you. On the other hand, if you like to be noticed, you need to take into consideration that animal patterns tend to draw attention specifically to the part of your body that is covered with it.

The Blessings Of Animal Prints

One of the best things about animal prints is that they can be extremely versatile when you are thinking from a color perspective. After all, animal prints tend to look great not only with black but also with khaki, brown, beige and even white. In addition, this is the perfect pattern to use when you don't feel well with a specific part of your body since animal prints tend to hide body imperfections.

These prints are great when you are at the center of a party. However, and even on these occasions, you need to be careful to don't make a huge bang.


Enjoying The Blessings Without Having The Curses

As you read so far, wearing animal prints allows you to display versatility, style, and sophistication. On the other hand, it can also make you look vulgar. So, how can you reach a balance?

Rule #1: Don't Take The Animal Print Seriously

One of the best advice that I can give you when you decide to wear animal prints is to choose a an outfit that can't be taken too seriously. Ultimately, this will add irony to your outfit and you'll completely eliminate the vulgarity.

Rule #2: Mix & Matches With Animal Prints

Whenever you are wearing a piece of clothing with leopard, zebra or tiger print, you need to make sure that you avoid combining it with sexy shapes or items. This includes not showing anything deep below your neckline as well as I suggest you to avoid mini dresses or mini-skirts as well.

Rule #3: Animal Print And Sporty Elements

This is one of those rules that almost no one remembers. However, this combination is stylish as well as it will show versatility. You can combine leopard print with a bomber jacket, sneakers, and even with sweatpants.

In case you are looking for a more formal outfit, you can mix the leopard print with monochromatic t-shirts and with some classic jeans. Nobody can blame this outfit to be a kitschy!

Rule #4: Only One Accent Per Outfit

One of the main rules, when you want to be stylish and show sophistication, is that you should only wear one piece of clothing that stands out per outfit. In this case, the accent should be given to the leopard print. So, make sure that all the other items in your outfit are neutral.

Rule #5: Use Accessories With Animal Print

When you love the animal print but you just can't imagine yourself wearing a leopard print coat or skirt, you can stick with the accessories. These will still allow you to be stylish and you have plenty of options. You can go for a bag such as a clutch, a backpack or a shopper, or you can opt for shoes such as loafers.


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