Travel with a carry-on and look ah-mazing ALL THE TIME

Nothing to wear even with a suitcase that weighs a hundred pounds?

Travel with a carry-on is possible, but requires some practice.

When we're away from home, we don't have access to our endless closets, and we have to rely on the contents of our suitcases.

And if suddenly, our "main" T-shirt has a stain from a delicious pizza, it turns out that half of our outfits broke up into unconnected atoms, and we have nothing to wear.

Love shopping in a new place? I don't think that everyone will be delighted with this idea.

Does it remind you of something?

My client Angela*, after finding herself in such a situation, began to pack a lot more things with her, just in case. But this strategy is fraught with many inconveniences:

  • the suitcase is huge
  • it's hard and uncomfortable to carry
  • when you check in your luggage, you may need to pay extra for the weight.

After a scandal with her husband, who was, to put it mildly, not happy with hundred-pounds suitcases he needed to carry, Angela* turned to me for help. Now she flies light, usually with only a carry-on, knowing the secrets of creating a minimalist wardrobe that interlocks like Lego: a vast number of combinations from a dozen cubes.

hire a pro

After all, no one wants to travel as a mule loaded to the ears! But spending the whole vacation in one T-shirt is also not an option for those who like to look stylish and diverse.

So what to do?

Solution 1 - Economical

Buy similar clothes that can easily replace each other and then alternate between them.

My opinion: This is a simple, understandable and fast solution, but one that's very dull! On vacation, we want to look irresistible, so skip any boring repetitions.

Solution 2 - Leave Everything As It Is

"Beauty requires sacrifice," some will say, and for the sake of beautiful outfits, you're ready to beef up.

My opinion: The labor unions of porters at airports and the airlines themselves clearly disagree with your decision, and the future does not bode well for those who are used to traveling with bulky luggage.

Solution 3 - Traveler Standard Set

You can use ready-made ideas that the Internet offers in abundance.

My opinion: This wardrobe is usually thought out, and clothes are well coordinated. This is a big plus. But! Such a set is created for some average woman, and it doesn't take into account your taste, the presence of certain things in your closet (are you ready to buy a trenchcoat?), and such sets (in most cases) lack sparkle.

Of the three options, this is perhaps the most practical, but not ideal.

wear what you love

Travel with a carry-on and look ah-mazing ALL THE TIME is absolutely possible.

I say no to heavy suitcases, lost luggage, and the eternal mood of, "I have nothing to wear."

Just imagine the endless number of perfectly coordinated outfits and compliments that fit inside a carry-on!

Using the Lego idea in your wardrobe (I'll teach you how to build a capsule out of your clothes from ground zero), you can

  • Travel light
  • Start your mornings with a smile, getting perfectly dressed  in 5 minutes
  • Buy clothes that fit flawlessly into your wardrobe, spending your resources wisely
  • Create a minimalist wardrobe with the maximum number of options (if that is your goal)


You save your nerves, time, money, and the space in your closet and suitcase.

If you want to get rid of hundred-pound suitcases forever and look amazing ALL THE TIME on your trips, then click the link and register in my online mini-course "Your Magic Capsule" right now!

You can have it for the price of a simple t-shirt and enjoy the skill for many years to come.

All details about the course here.

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