Rock those leather pants, lady!

When we get older, our social status, bodies and even facial expressions change. Some of us embrace and accept change, some of us resist it, and some try to ignore it.

Many times, women in their fifties tend to go from one extreme to another. Let's see how full acceptance and ignorance can look like.

One extreme is to continue wearing the same styles you wore 20 years ago. In this case, a woman is subconsciously trying to ignore the fact of ageing. It accentuates all skin and body changes even more, making her look older.

In the second case, a very dangerous extreme is to tell yourself is "oh, I am too old for this." This is the case of complete acceptance. I would also add that it is the example of giving up.

When this happens, a woman wears conservative, impersonal clothes, thinking it looks elegant and appropriate. But the result, in most cases, is dull and outdated. To look elegant and classic, you need to wear high-quality fabrics and perfect fits (and this might be very challenging with an average budget and the quality of today's clothes).

The art of finding a balance (as with everything in our lives) is the secret to graceful ageing. And finding this balance will have you liking what you see in the mirror, accepting your changing body, and looking modern and current.

What clicks in our heads, turning us into older women?

With age comes confidence, life experience and freedom from somebody's else opinion.
But why do we give up so easily on looking good in our mature skin, wearing bold, polished, modern clothes?

After all, we still have to live, love and play! We need to let ourselves be, feel and look like a young, modern women. We are worthy of it.

So, to keep that youthful feeling, start with the hangers in your closet. Stay current and do not be afraid to change. Let ageless style benefit you, and modern outfits frame your body in the best flattering way.

And if cool, edgy leather pants make you feel so - rock those leather pants, lady!

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