Spend less, look better with a smart wardrobe

Are you familiar with a smart wardrobe concept?

Now, when many people work from home and the future is more than vague, it doesn't seem like the right time to think about outfits.
However, in my opinion, today is the best day to think about how to make your wardrobe smart and deliberate. We getting dressed every day.
Every day you need clothes that work for you at the coffee shop, the grocery store, at a party, or at work. Even at home, you don't go naked (probably LOL).

A smart wardrobe allows you to do this with less angst. You can be ready within a few minutes while looking ah-mazing.  Just imagine removing at clothes and "what to wear" question from your stress list that, I bet, is quite long.
You may be looking to save money, or you care about our clothes' environmental impact on the planet. May be you just not sure about your style senses.
Whatever your reasons are, a capsule wardrobe is an easy way to accomplish this goal while staying stylish at the same time.

It's not about the limit. It's about options! 

In such a wardrobe, all things "work hard": you wear them multiple times and in various ways.
When you buy things only because your friend Jessica bought it, you find yourself not wearing it... and then creating thousands of excuses as to why today is not the right day for this lovely dress.
How many things are waiting at your closet for the right pair?  To wear that pretty blouse that you couldn't pass up at the store, you need to buy new shoes, a skirt, or new jeans.

In a capsule wardrobe, it will never happen to you anymore. You get the maximum number of outfits from the clothes you have.
Your wardrobe will be similar to Lego: from the same "blocks," you can always build an everyday look for going to a cafe and something more polished for work. Getting ready in the morning also becomes easy and fast; suddenly, there is time to sit with a cup of coffee and do your mascara without rushing.
You will not need a huge budget, or to infringe upon your family members' closets because your clothes are overflowing.

How do you build such a wardrobe?

The answer is simple: I will teach you.

I will tell you how, then show you in the video, and guide you step-by-step from the first stage to the result. After that, you will be able to repeat the process by yourself in the new season, or in a year, or in five. After all, my goal is to share with you what I know and personally use.
I always have something to wear, so you can too.

By pressing a pink button below, you can find out in more detail how to spend less money, waste less time, and feel less angst with a lego wardrobe that is made by you and for you:

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