Fashion as we see it – mix, but do not shake

How often do you catch yourself thinking that the world has gone crazy when you come across a trend review in a magazine or on the Internet?
Admit that it happens. Men in women's dresses, women in blankets, boys and girls on crazy platforms. Oh my... All of this is absolutely not wearable and rarely looks pretty.

not wearable fashion

Modern fashion and what is now considered stylish looks rather strange and extravagant to an ordinary woman. Why is this happening?

You often look at fashion through the "Where can I wear this?" glasses... You go through the options in your head, thinking about how you will look in this dress, and how your friend Jessica would look. But fashion is not created to take a thing off the catwalk and wear it to work. First of all it is art, a concentrate of the wild imagination and creativity of the designer. Add the desire for a collection to be noticed, to be something that people talk and groan about to the mix... and we will get what we have.

Such "wild" collections often become breakthroughs in fashion. Remember, when Christian Dior came up with his famous "new look" dresses (those with a thin waist and a very fluffy skirt) in the 50s, they also caused a flurry of criticism and seemed very strange and unusual. This collection was predicted to be a complete failure, and it has become a symbol of its decade.
Today fashion does not dictate that everyone should wear a miniskirt; otherwise they would not be considered stylish. All the girls in mom's photos are in miniskirts, regardless of the beauty and slenderness of their legs. In the eighties, everyone wore jackets with massive shoulders and permed their hair.

old fashion

Fashion now opens up a sea of options for us to be ourselves and look modern. Recognize like-minded people, be creative, and not even follow trends at all. Not following trends became a trend of its own. There are no rules. There is you, your freedom, and the desire to look the way you want.

Can you describe in three words how you want to look? Creative? Feminine? Elegant? Is it bright? Unnoticed?
What would be your word?

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