10 closet game changers
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10 closet game changers - never wonder what to wear again - free

With just a few wardrobe staples, create simple yet modern looks that flatter your body shape and lifestyle, regardless of age.

Get the free e-book with 10 wardrobe staples that suit absolutely any occasion, style and budget.


Your Personal Brand : what to wear for video or photo shoots

If you want your outfit to support your message and create a right impression on your audience, this e-book is for you!

10 outdated styling rules - look more stylish and trendy in no time! - free

Get a free checklist with 10 style rules that are not relevant anymore and make you look outdated instead of stylish.



Courses and programs

Style UpgradeClub (4)
Style UpgradeClub (5)
Style UpgradeClub (6)

Style Upgrade Club - free

At the club you will find inspiration, advice, support and encouragement to make changes in your appearance so that you can feel more confident and beautiful.  Join our free Facebook community today and bring magic and excitement back to your closet step by step.

This program is in Russian.  Клуб "Стильная Перезагрузка" - paid

Закрытый клуб на основе абонемента. Это уникальная возможность, освежить и перезагрузить свой стиль, узнать что-то новое, получить порцию вдохновения и получить совет профессионала.

How to save time, money and closet space with a capsule wardrobe -paid

Start refashioning your morning routine today.  Think of all of the extra time you’ll have in the mornings once you've built your capsule.  What will you do with it?  Grab an extra few minutes of sleep? Check out a new yoga class?  Or simply enjoy that cup of coffee.

How to have more space and clarity in your closet, get dressed in 5 minutes and spend wisely on clothing

This course is under construction. Launch is scheduled to Aug 2018



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Perfect gift to people you care about!

Imagine them walking into their closet and be excited about all the amazing outfits they have to choose from! This gift certificate has no expiration date and valid with any of Style U Best services. To see more details about services please visit StyleUBest.com