I love my job!

I love to see a transformation that happens inside and outside a woman that understands that she is attractive and beautiful. And all it takes is to change an outfit. Magic.

Here our style makeover before and after photos.

Zarina M.

Mother of two, Zarina wanted to revamp her existing wardrobe and replace it with comfortable, trendy items that will all mix and match. It was imperative for her not to spend too much time thinking about outfits and to be comfortable without compromising style.
We went shopping. We bought a full fall wardrobe and three pairs of shoes and accessories.

Zarina before

Here you can see only a small part of the new outfits from Zarina's closet. Compliments don't stop coming her way.

My mom

My mom lives in my hometown, Riga. It is in Eastern Europe and she came to visit us for a few months. She is 75 years old.
I couldn't hold back from showing you that age is just a number and at any age, you can be stylish and look stunning.

Thank you, mom, for letting me make you over! Love you.

Giri B.

Giri works at an office and holds a management position. She was not happy with her professional wardrobe that didn't reflect her status. She also complained about the time it takes her to get ready in the mornings. To make it more challenging to us, Giri didn't like shopping and was not willing to spend a fortune on new clothes!

Giri Before
Giri Before

We took the job and worked on polishing her outfits.
We are very proud to present them to you here.


Svetlana came to us looking to refresh her style and make it more current! She was not happy with her wardrobe choices and was ready to try something absolutely new. She trusted our professionalism and gave us "card blanch" for transformation. We collaborated with Alina's Wellness and Beauty Salon at Calgary and did a full makeover!

Svetlana Before

Skin treatments - Alina Lomtadze

Makeup and hair - Marina Orlovskaya


Aika P.

Allow us to present you Aika, beautiful working mom of 2, dog lover and a talented florist.
Aika came to me wanted to find her new style that will be feminine but not girly, comfortable but not too sloppy, Canadian but with European touch. Aika is open to change, ready to experiment; her personality is very joyful and sparkly and we wanted to show it by adding some hellion touches to her looks.


Aika before

We love the result! Beautiful women just got a deserving frame.

Zhanna K.

Zhanna felt bored and tired with her wardrobe and the way she was dressing. She wanted to learn some new ideas on how to wear her existing clothes with a current twist. Zhanna also wanted to refresh her look.

Zhanna before

We replaced the outdated pieces with more current ones, changed her hairstyle and added a bit more focus to Zhanna's face by using a makeup.
MUA - Marina Orlovskaya

Victoria S.

Victoria is stay-at-home mom that was looking to renew and refresh her look, make it more vibrant and modern, without compromising the comfort. Her life style requires mostly casual outfits that allow her to feel good about herself but not overdressed.


Victoria before

Victoria was dedicated, committed and ready for the change! Thanks to our mutual efforts, we are very proud to present you a new Victoria!

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