Who said you need to be a celebrity to dress fabulously and feel like a million bucks?

You have a closet full of outdated, dull clothing that doesn’t fit properly anymore.

You’re tired of your existing wardrobe; wearing it leaves you feeling frustrated and unhappy, without confidence, and less worthy than you once felt. Yet, you're unsure of  how to make it flattering and even, stylish. In many situations, you look back to realize that things may have gone better for you if you'd instead been dressed better.

You wake up in the morning, open your closet and feel frustrated. Despite the fact that your closet is full of clothes, you feel like you have nothing to wear.

Maybe you’ve already tried to follow style advice from a magazine, or maybe you've asked your very stylish friend for help. But in the end, you don't see a difference or feel any different.

You want to have polished outfits and feel confident and pulled-together without spending a ton of time and energy. You want to get noticed by you friends and colleagues and command immediate respect and attention the second you walk into the room.

You know  that clothing should be an expression of your internal and external beauty and that it has the power to completely transform your mood.

If your outfits aren't reflecting your awesomeness, we haven't met yet!

Hi! I’m Rada Chalfin, founder of Style U Best. And, even though I’m a personal style coach, my business isn’t all about fashion and shopping.


I’m more interested in helping you build confidence, feel empowered, and express yourself because I believe every woman is beautiful regardless of age, body shape, and budget and 100% deserves to spend her time and money on clothes that make her feel confident and drop-dead gorgeous.

My story  

The beginning

My style roots started with my early life in Eastern Europe and the beginning of my corporate career in the Middle East. Living in such different places like Riga, Tel-Aviv and Calgary expanded my style vision and gave me a very versatile cultural experience.

I've always been intrigued by style and brought that with me to Calgary, Alberta in 2009.  

Early on in my life, I was interested in fashion, style, and clothes, designing and making my own outfits. Even though I managed to achieve a fair amount of success in my corporate career, I realized that my dreams wouldn't go away even after so many years of under utilizing my gift of style.

For a very long time, I tried to convince myself that this was not serious, that my passion was useless as a career and foolish to pursue. Year after year I considered doing it for a living, but always talked myself out of this idea since I had a great corporate career. I kept telling myself that my successful corporate career was my calling. 

But when I was honest with myself I realized that something was missing, some part of me wasn’t fulfilling my life purpose. My friends continued to ask for my style advice, and even strangers complimented my style. They would ask where I'd bought my clothes, and I'd tell them truthfully that I'd made the outfit.  

When I moved to Canada, I had a break while unemployed which let me consider what to do next in my career. I found a good job, my career started to ramp up again, but ...

Deep inside I knew that I was born to do something completely different and I had to give it a chance.

I had such a clear picture of what I wanted to do and why; I was tired of just dreaming and making excuses not to act. My style always made me stand out and my high awareness of the impact that right outfit makes helped and supported my career and personal goals. So I knew how I could help other women!

The leap

I wanted to share my gift with others, and I wanted to be sure that I became a professional in the industry so I went back to school. I started with courses for professional image consulting.

Just studying in this field felt so good, so right to me, it was liberating to move past limiting myself by holding back from this career.

Finally, in 2016, I started Style U Best! My style consulting business exists, and my dreams are now real! I am the proud founder of an online image-studio where I help women become stylish and by doing so, more confident.

The vision

My goal is to see more beautiful and confident women everywhere I turn! Walking down the street, in stores, online, everywhere! Not just in fashion shows and on the red carpet, but around me!

I have always been thrilled by the transformation that happens in a woman's life when she realizes how beautiful she is. Seeing the boost of confidence and excitement they have when I help them is why I love what I do.

I have seen so many women that think they are not enough; that believe that they didn't deserve love and respect. I have seen so many missed opportunities because of a wrong impression created by outfit choices.

From failed job interviews because of a sloppy outfit, to a first date that went wrong because of a leopard skirt, to a promotion that went to someone else despite hard work and professionalism, there are so many examples I have seen of missed opportunities along this style journey.   

I know that a flattering dress can seemingly produce miracles. The type of miracle when a client feels more confident and happy, then gets compliments so she starts to feel attractive. I see it in her eyes, in her smile, in the way she looks into a mirror, in the way she poses for the “after” picture. This confidence immediately reflects in her actions, and once locked doors of opportunity begin to open! Then another small miracle happens, and suddenly life is much easier; people are more open and willing to pay attention to her.

If dressing becomes fun and easy, smiles become bigger, and her shopping budget is back under control. No more frustrating mornings, disappointing trips to malls and draining body doubts.

I love my work because I get to help women find their miracles.

Today, I help women discover their style and learn what to wear to look and feel the way they want to present themselves in the world.

I believe in smart, applicable strategies and repeatable processes. I'm also sure that ALL women are beautiful regardless of their age, body shape and budget.  Many times, nobody has taught these women how to shine.
So, I have a mission!

I don’t only focus on a wardrobe change, but on the way you look at yourself in a mirror. The magical moments happen for me when I see women begin to feel worthy again, worthy of her life, worthy of her style, worthy of being the person she can be. I create those small everyday miracles together with my clients and feel absolutely fulfilled and happy.

That is what motivates me and gives me intrinsic satisfaction from what I do.

With love,


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