10 closet game changers


With just a few wardrobe staples, create simple yet modern looks that flatter your body shape and lifestyle, regardless of age.

Never wonder what to wear again. 

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Step up your work look with confidence and colour

By Style U Best | Mar 13, 2019

Wearing well-chosen bold item isn’t just office-appropriate. It takes and shows confidence. And because that’s important, I’m going to show…

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Curses and blessings of animal prints

By Style U Best | Mar 9, 2019

Animal prints have always gathered a lot of attention. They tend to display freedom, courage and adventure. And these seem…

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One dress seven ways

By Style U Best | Jan 12, 2019

I am a big advocate for effective wardrobes. To make it so, you’ll need to have versatile pieces that you…

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You Hate to Shop

By Style U Best | Aug 11, 2018

  So, You Hate to Shop… Have I ever mentioned that I love my job at Style U Best?  I…

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Age and Style are Perfect Together When Perfectly Paired

By Style U Best | Jul 1, 2018

  Let’s talk about women of a certain age. What age? Well, that depends on how you feel.  Though all…

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Do you skimp on yourself, maybe without realizing it?

By Style U Best | May 14, 2018

I know how it works for a lot of us women… We are so busy taking care of everyone else…

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All you need to know about cardigans

By Style U Best | Apr 30, 2018

All you need to know about cardigans in this short video. I show you diffrent options and speak about the…

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Whatever your age or lifestyle, let your appearance empower and support you!

By Style U Best | Apr 4, 2018

  Think back to a time when you felt beautiful and attractive. What were you wearing? How did it make…

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Five main shopping mistakes we all make

By Style U Best | Mar 25, 2018

Watch this video to recognize shopping mistakes we all make and how to avoid or minimize them. This will help…

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