Gain your power with style

Style is usually not something you're born with, but you can learn it with my guidance.

  • Are you a woman who has come to realize that your wardrobe doesn't serve your needs and goals? 
  • Do you wish your style represented your true personality?
  • Is your current style feeling old and tired? 

Would you like to have a closet that excites you, boosts your confidence, frees you from overspending and saves you time every day? 

As an empowering Style Coach, I aim to instill a layer of confidence in every woman, so she feels empowered every time she steps out of the
house. I believe that your style should represent the beautiful truth of who you are. There is no one, universal trend that would suit everyone.

Start small, start simple, start with your wardrobe and MAKE A CHANGE!

If you are done with feeling unseen, ready to change your life by reviving your wardrobe and ready to feel effortlessly chic, my coaching programs were created with you in mind! 
When you allow yourself feel beautiful and attractive, you become unstoppable. You'll see changes in your life, relationships, your confidence and best of all, your self-esteem will skyrocket!!

My own journey started with my passion for style and my strong belief that any woman, of any age or body shape, can be beautiful and stylish. I would love to walk with you on your own style journey!

Ready to make change happen? Let’s start with your wardrobe and connect with me today!

Shop Your Closet

$98 USD 2 months
  • Five Outfits
  • Shopping List
  • Perfect as a starter package to test how it works for you

Style Coaching

$3336 USD 3 months
  • No Limit On Outfits
  • Shopping List
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Wardrobe Revision
  • Weekly Empowerment Coaching Sessions

Style Coaching

$6300 USD 6 months
  • No Limit On Outfits
  • Shopping List
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Wardrobe Revision
  • Weekly Empowerment Coaching Sessions

What my clients are saying...

Anna Kutepov

To say that I am happy after my meeting with Rada is an understatement! I am just shocked about how I feel now, how I do shopping, and how I look at myself and at fashion items.

My age, occupation, and social status changed, and there was nobody who could help, and teach me. Long ago I thought I needed someone at least to direct me. 

Also I have to say that Rada is very nice, easy, and an approachable person. I really appreciate all work she has done for me. I will recommend her to everyone. I am extremely thankful for meeting Rada – real professional!

Giri Berenstein

Rada gave me nothing short of an excellent educational experience. She patiently explained what is right for me, what isn't, how to combine different clothes. She went into my wardrobe and was able to revamp my image just by combining items differently, and adding very few, inexpensive items.

I've never been much of a fashionista - but with Rada's help, I can look sharp, professional and updated, with minimal effort.
And just as important - Rada was somehow able to make this process fun! which is saying much, for someone like me who hates going through her wardrobe or shopping.
Thank you Rada!

Ira Livshitz

Well, ladies – I can recommend Rada's styling services for every one! If your body changed and you don't know what will be better for the new you, if you like yourself in the mirror, but doesn't like on photos, or if the mirror also says that you need a change – Rada is the right choice for creating your personal makeover, to make you enjoy yourself and make another big step to your self-confidence. 

If you need to look suitable for your workplace or your own business – whether it has to be the right dress code, to provide the right message to your clients by the way you look. Trust me – Rada is awesome! 

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