Carrie Paxson
Carrie Paxson

Amazing, AMAZING service!

Rada came over and for four and a half hours we went through all of my clothes, and I am VERY excited to say that not only do I have many outfits now (from creating new combinations in my existing wardrobe) to choose from, and everything in my closet fits, is in style, has a purpose and pairing with other items in my wardrobe. Rada also made a list of items that are missing from my wardrobe (a few key pieces to pair with items that I needed to keep) and she also sent me photos and links to places where I can find those appropriate items. So that was the experience. Now, lets talk results! My week at work was full of compliments! I wore a few of my favorite pairings that Rada suggested and my colleagues were complimenting me! My favorite compliment was, "Carrie, you look like you dropped 20 lbs" (I assure you I didn't). Truly, well, well worth the time and the minimal cost to have all my "rejects" out of my wardrobe, and to be able to open up my closet to find everything fits, with new ways to put it together. Rada, you are amazing. A true gem, with talent, heart and truly, it was a lot of fun.

I am doing a proper blog post review of the experience, and be rest assured I am telling EVERYONE!


Zarina Meirkhanova
Zarina Meirkhanova

OMG I love my new wardrobe!!!

I spent few hours shopping with Rada Chalfin OMG I love my new wardrobe!!! I'm too tired to take any pics but I will tomorrow  I know now whatever I choose to wear in the morning I always have something to match it up.  I love this girl and how she sees the things. I've got my outfits that I can use for different occasions just by adding few little details. Now I know what kind of clothes I should avoid, what colors are mine etc. I would most probably pass by most of the stuff we bought! Great sense of humor and a super nice person. I hate shopping and that was so much fun and pleasure to shop with Rada. If you think of how much time I would spend trying to upgrade my wardrobe to the same level and multiply by my hourly rate it's not even close to what I paid for Rada's services and I wouldn't get the same. No way! I value my time a lot and rather spend it on my self or professional development than shopping. Rada is very wise about the budget compare to me lol. Haha she was following the budget more than I was. We are not done yet but I'm impressed that we were so successful today! I would spend days for that!!!

Thanks Rada! You saved so much of my time! love you!!


Don't wait. You'll be so glad you did this for yourself. It's worth it!

I felt nervous about showing you my closet, my clothing taste, what you might think was terrible etc. Also because I'm so tall and not an off-the-rack size, maybe you'd be like, "Oops sorry, you're the one lost cause I can't help"

I would absolutely recommend your service, especially for 40+ women. Anyone would be doing herself a favour by letting you help lift her up. So many changes come in this stage of life, but they're not all bad. We don't have to become invisible. This can be a great time in our lives!

Two best things about working with you for me: you knew how to adjust fit of clothes in ways I never thought about (roll cuffs of tuck under, pin cardigan and wear as normal sweater etc.) That made me feel more empowered to try and get a better fit from my clothes.

Big thanks. You make a difference in the world!

Anna Kutepov
Anna Kutepov

To say that I am happy after my meeting with Rada is an understatement!

I am just shocked about how I feel now, how I do shopping, and how I look at myself and at fashion items. I couldn’t tell that I was completely lost, Rada complimented most of my clothes, however I felt that I was a little behind.

My age, occupation, and social status changed, and there was nobody who could help, and teach me. Long ago I thought I needed someone at least to direct me. I was so excited when I saw Rada’s advertisement for her 1.5 hour seminar “Dress for your body type”. Of course I attended. I did like her presentation, professional language she used, her look, accessories and shoes she brought. I believed her right away and called for the private meeting.

It was something! She checked almost all of my clothes and shoes, explained which ones are old fashioned and why it is better to get rid of them. She composed new sets from my own clothes, and made a list of the items that she suggested I should add to my wardrobe. In a few days after the meeting she sent me a very detailed shopping list with pictures and links from websites of clothing items she suggested. That’s not all. After the meeting and shopping list she continued to answer my questions, give professional advice, send me pictures and simply direct me as I needed. Also I have to say that Rada is very nice, easy, and an approachable person. I really appreciate all work she has done for me.

I will recommend her to everyone. I am extremely thankful for meeting Rada – real professional!

Alesia Kotova
Alesia Kotova

Rada is a professional and she is so passionate about style.

Everybody was involved with her speech and manners. Highly recommend to visit workshops and personal consulting.

Denise Da Costa
Business Coach at
Denise Da Costa Business Coach at

Rada helped me define my style and transform my wardrobe from old-dated to fashionable in record time and within my budget

Before working with Rada, I was trying to find the right clothes to wear when filming my videos and for my website's photos. I had an idea of the look I wanted, but I didn’t know how to translate that into an actual outfit.

Rada helped me define my style and transform my wardrobe from old-dated to fashionable in record time and within my budget. She also provided guidance on what accessories to use, shoes and what’s the best hair cut for me. She supported me during all the steps, making me feel confident when I hit the shops looking for my new outfit.

Rada is really knowledgeable and straightforward, but at the same time she is easy to talk to. She was open to my ideas and gave clear directions on how to create outfits that reflect my personality and brand.

Giri Berinstein
Giri Berinstein

Rada gave me nothing short of an excellent educational experience.

She patiently explained what is right for me, what isn't, how to combine different clothes. She went into my wardrobe and was able to revamp my image just by combining items differently, and adding very few, inexpensive items.

I've never been much of a fashionista - but with Rada's help, I can look sharp, professional and updated, with minimal effort.
And just as important - Rada was somehow able to make this process fun! which is saying much, for someone like me who hates going through her wardrobe or shopping.
Thank you Rada!

Ira Livshitz
Ira Livshitz

Well, ladies – I can recommend Rada's styling services for every one!

If your body changed and you don't know what will be better for the new you, if you like yourself in the mirror, but doesn't like on photos, or if the mirror also says that you need a change – Rada is the right choice for creating your personal makeover, to make you enjoy yourself and make another big step to your self-confidence.

If you need to look suitable for your workplace or your own business – whether it has to be the right dress code, to provide the right message to your clients by the way you look. Trust me – Rada is awesome!

Oxana Skuya
Oxana Skuya

У вас когда нибудь была мечта, чтоб пришла к вам добрая фея, взяла вас за руку, отвела в магазин и создала вам новый образ ?

У меня была. Не могу сказать, что у меня отсутствует вкус в выборе одежды, не могу так же сказать, что приходя в магазин, не могу выбрать себе что то из одежды. НО! !!!! Оказалось, что я даже просто не вижу тех вещей, цветов, композиций, я просто не вижу НИЧЕГО! Рада, пошла со мной в магазин, мы из огромного количества отделов в большом супер маркете зашли хорошо, если в 5-6. Но из магазина мы вышли с мешками покупок, причем это были не самые дорогие магазины, но боже какое количество новых, подходящих мне вещей мы в них купили. Знаете как это происходит? Она просто идет вдоль рядов одежды, что то снимает и подает мне, я бы даже не посмотрела на эту вещь. Идет дальше, снимает и подает, снимает и подает.... Потом мы идем в примерочную и ... о чудо!!!! Из огромного количества вещей начинает формироваться образ, она его называет «кокон». Конечно, что то отбраковывается, что то не садится на фигуру, но все то что одобряется волшебным образом изменяет тебя, делает ярче, интереснее, заметнее. Кроме того, Рада научила меня тому, что все эти купленные вещи тем или иным образом взаимозаменяемы, подходят к друг другу, я бы даже сказала «играют» друг с другом. А какие цвета, я никогда бы не подумала, что они могут сочетаться, но одев на себя какой то комплект, понимаешь, что они действительно идеально подходят.
Теперь второй этап, выкинуть из шкафа под ее чутким руководством все не нужное и заполнить его классными и новыми вещами.Удачи и вам. Радочка, а тебе такое огромное спасибо, что даже и не знаю как его выразить. Как говорят по английски YOU'VE MADE MY DAY !!!!!

More testimonial you can see on my Portfolio page (along Before and After pictures of my clients) or on my Facebook page.

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